What is Electrolysis?
Electrolysis was the first method developed for permanent hair removal. The first person to use electrolysis was Dr. Charles Michel (1833-1913) an opthalmologist, who used it to remove ingrown eyelashes from his patients eyes. It is now being used to remove hair on all other areas of the body.

How does it work?
In electrolysis, a fine wire filament is inserted into the hair follicle, where electrical energy is passed down the filament destroying the hair's root. The goal of Electrolysis is to destroy the hair root to prevent further re-growth.

What can you expect?
Initially, frequent visits are required to eliminate the hair from thedesired treatment site. The treatment itself can cause a slight tingling sensation. Most clients tolerate the procedure well, but because some areas of the body are more sensitive, topical anesthesia is always available which minimizes any discomfort.

There are no limitations to color of hair treated with electrolysis. The after-effects of the treatment are minor. They may include redness and swelling, which disappear quickly. This technique offers precision because each hair is treated individually. This is an important factor when shaping eyebrows.

Is it safe?
Yes, all clients are assured a pre-sterilized disposable needle and sterilized foreceps. Each treatment is performed under aseptic conditions, including the use of disposable gloves for client protection.